About Awake Security™

Awake automates painstaking analyses expert investigators perform as they detect, hunt, investigate and respond to threats.

Who We Are

Awake Security™ provides the only advanced security analytics solution that delivers deep visibility and answers to questions that cannot even be asked in other tools today, improving security team productivity tenfold.

Our patent-pending Security Knowledge Graph™ data model uses machine learning and data science to identify and track network entities as humans think of them and highlights entity attributes, relationships, behaviors and activities. With Awake, tasks that were previously impossible for a Tier 1 analyst, error prone for a Tier 2 and cumbersome for a Tier 3 become easy, accurate and fast.

Awake is built on a foundation of more than two years of research with hundreds of security professionals and more than a dozen security teams. We are backed by Greylock Partners and Bain Capital Ventures and are based in Mountain View, California.

A multidisciplinary approach to security

Awake brings together expertise in three key areas to deliver value to customers
Define the questions the solution needs to answer and the workflows to make security teams effective.
Network Engineering
Develop the proprietary set of parsers that extract at scale a broad set of signals to answer security questions.
Machine Learning & Data Science
Build the analytics that model an expert investigator and a multi-model data store for fast query response.

Our Team

Awake is comprised of early employees who helped build widely-used, category-defining products at companies like ArcSight (HP), CipherCloud, Cylance, FireEye, Foundstone (McAfee), IntruVert (McAfee), Netwitness (RSA), Nicira (VMware) and PolyServe (HP).
Michael Callahan
Co-founder & CEO
Keith Amidon
Co-founder & VP, Networking
Debabrata Dash
Co-founder & VP, Analytics
Gary Golomb
Co-founder & Chief SOC Whisperer

We're hiring

If you want to be part of a team that's always innovating
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Detect, investigate and hunt for threats like insider attacks,
lateral movement, corporate espionage and data exfiltration.