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Awake Security: One of The Bay Area’s Best Places to Work (Again)!

It might seem a little strange to be named a best place to work without actually being in the workplace, but we just did it! For the second year in a row, the Silicon Valley Business Journal named Awake Security to its list of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work in the small business category. What’s even more exciting is that we climbed five spots and earned our way to #3 this year.

While we all work remotely, this is a great reminder that a workplace isn’t just about the four walls that hold up the office building where you spend most weekdays. What really defines a workplace is the people.

Being named to SVBJ’s best workplace list (twice!) is especially meaningful because it’s not an arbitrary distinction or subjective ranking. The list is determined solely by anonymous surveys that our team – and teams at every other company on this list – was asked to complete.

Most of the survey is geared towards quantitatively ranking the important areas that contribute to a great workplace – from culture to career advancement, to trust in leadership. But the questionnaire also leaves room for people to explain their rankings and offer more context for what they like (or don’t) about their company. In a slideshow announcing this year’s list, editors at SVBJ chose to highlight an anonymous comment from an Awake teammate, one that aptly captures how many of us feel:

“Until this point in my career, I have never met a more energized, enthusiastic, and friendly bunch of coworkers. I am excited to be part of this team not only for the positive people I work with and the accompanying environment but also the technology that is changing the industry.”

We all miss the energy, enthusiasm and friendliness that’s engrained in Awake’s office and makes it such a great place to work. But even though we’re not physically together, all those qualities and more are still alive and well in our (virtual) workplace.

Need proof? There’s no way a company without those attributes could pull off a virtual karaoke session, and that’s exactly what we did on Friday afternoon. There was some Bohemian Rhapsody, Creed and Back Street Boys, and a lot of laughs with our co-workers and families. We scheduled our virtual karaoke session well before the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list was announced on Friday, but it was definitely a great way to celebrate. We’re all looking forward to the day we can get back to the office and harmonize in person. But for now, our team’s still doing a fantastic job hitting a lot of high notes.



Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Marketing