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Awake Security Report Helps GalComm Improve Internet Security

Awake Security (“Awake”), the only advanced network traffic analysis (“NTA”) company that delivers answers, not alerts, and Israel-based leading domain registrar Communigal Communication Ltd. d/b/a GalComm (“GalComm”), today announce the results of work that should improve the safety and security of the Internet as a whole.

With the rise of more sophisticated malicious websites with ever-increasing abilities to spy on and steal data from users across the globe, it has never been more important that domain registrars work with security experts and data analysts to protect users. GalComm has embraced that challenge by utilizing data from Awake to crack down on thousands of websites offering spyware and malicious Chrome-based browser extensions.

After an initial investigation by Awake identified an unusual number of malicious or suspicious websites that had been registered via its platform, GalComm quickly moved to delete, transfer out or de-register many of the identified malicious web domains. Although GalComm functioned solely as the domain registrar for these websites with no duty to take these steps—and had no involvement in any of the nefarious activity Awake uncovered, its swift and decisive action signaled that GalComm is a serious player in addressing and preventing the expansion of both traditional and browser-based surveillance.

Trust in the Internet and its infrastructure is critical to users. Those who seek negatively to exploit key components of this infrastructure – domain registration, browsers, etc., can shake the foundation of that trust and represent a risk to organizations and consumers alike. As shown by this example, domain name registrars can make use of data from security firms like Awake to help maintain and further user trust in a constantly evolving landscape. GalComm and Awake call on the Internet community to create and use the tools necessary to prevent malicious domain name activity.


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