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Awake to Provide Yapstone, Inc. with Advanced Network Detection and Response

Before launching Awake in 2014, our founders met with executives from one of the country’s largest financial services companies who graciously agreed to share their security challenges with us. Despite their large security team and sizable resources, the unfortunate reality was that their SOC analysts had no confidence they could discover which alerts really mattered or hunt effectively for threats their alert stream might not cover.

Yapstone, Inc., a fintech company that provides online and mobile payment solutions for global marketplaces, grapples with many of those same challenges. This is why Yapstone has selected the Awake Security Platform to monitor its attack surface, put relevant threat intelligence and investigative context at security analysts’ fingertips, and ultimately reduce time and cost of response and remediation.

Prior to Awake, Yapstone was using a legacy NetFlow-based solution that provided basic security analytics but struggled to uncover behavioral and insider threats that require deeper network analysis. The company also needed a way to maintain compliance with strict data regulations, including GDPR and PCI.

Through this new relationship, Awake will help Yapstone identify hidden threats and secure their payment business while ensuring a secure and reliable experience for its customers. The Awake Security Platform, through AI, also learns from past incidents, to empower Yaptsone’s security team with customized playbooks as well as automated and manual response options. Awake also worked with Yapstone to integrate the platform into the existing process and technologies thereby delivering the security team a unified security stack to work with.

Rich Noguera, CISO at Yapstone put it best:

We rapidly innovate to ensure fast, smooth and secure payment transactions for our clients and needed a solution that would enable full visibility into our ever-changing network. The Awake Security Platform has exceeded our expectations and empowered us to secure our connected workplace more effectively and autonomously than ever. The fact that Awake connects seamlessly with the rest of our security toolset was another great selling point, and means our security team has an integrated stack to work with and can respond to threats more efficiently.

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Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Marketing