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Awake’s Network Traffic Analysis Platform Featured on CNBC Upstart 100 List

CNBC Upstart 100 ListSince our founding in 2014, we have always focused on delivering an advanced network traffic analysis platform that is constantly keeping our customers ahead of the complex cyber threats of the day. Today we are honored that this single-minded vision has earned us recognition by the CNBC Upstart 100 as a cybersecurity company to watch within a crowded industry.

The coveted CNBC Upstart 100 list showcases the world’s most promising startup companies breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow’s household names and our team is humbled by this accolade that represents validation of our approach and customer momentum.

Security teams today are experiencing two key challenges that affect their ability to detect modern threats. Firstly, an increase in cloud, IoT, BYOD and third-party devices on the enterprise network demands an agentless approach versus legacy agent-based solutions. In parallel, we see a change in the threat landscape, with research showing that a majority of breaches are now the result of non-malware-based threats. Attackers use tools that already exist within the environment, abuse insider credentials, or use sites like Twitter and Google Drive for command and control. Security teams must now detect malicious intent that blends in with business-justified activity. Traditional security approaches, unfortunately, demand a high-level of human expertise that can’t keep up with this threat evolution.

Awake delivers an advanced network traffic analysis platform that parses data deeper than any other solution including performing encrypted traffic analysis. The platform thus autonomously profiles entities such as devices, users, and applications, while also preserving these communications to provide historical forensic context. This gives Awake the unique ability to model, hunt for, and visualize attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures that span the dimensions of time, entities, and protocols.

Legacy approaches rely primarily on unsupervised learning to spot anomalies from “normal” baselines. Often, anomalies are not malicious resulting in false positives and conversely pre-existing compromises are missed because they are assumed to be “normal”. These false negatives are even more dangerous because security teams unknowingly live with the risk. Independent testing proves out these differentiators and shows Awake is more than twice as accurate and produces almost 1500% less noise than the competition.

These innovations have fueled our sales growth, that along with scalability and diversity metrics contributed to CNBC selecting Awake from a field of over 600 applicants. We are especially grateful to the hundreds of security professionals and threat investigators within Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Security Operation Centers that collaborated with us on delivering an advanced network traffic analysis platform that outflanks both the adversary and the competition. In fact, independent testing shows our security platform offers 2.5X better detection than the competition with fewer false positives and negatives.

The Upstart 100 honor adds to our company’s significant 2019 momentum.

Earlier this year, we were named a SINET 16 Innovator Award winner and won the Gold Edison Award for Best New Cybersecurity Product. Additionally, we won a Cyber Defense Global Award for Cybersecurity Analytics, landed in the Big50-2019 Startup Report, named by Cybersecurity Ventures as a Hot 150 Cybersecurity Company to Watch, and recognized by Business Insider as one of the most promising cybersecurity companies in 2019. We were also named in Gartner’s first market guide for network traffic analysis, and selected as a “Top 3” solution for detecting lateral movement, credential abuse, and threat hunting by Enterprise Management Associates.

2019 has proven to be an award-worthy year for our Awake team. We look forward to 2020 as we continue to focus on helping organizations secure themselves from non-malware-based threats targeting their extended attack surface that now includes the cloud, IoT, and business partners.

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Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap

President & CEO