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Delivering On the Promise of Securing the Hybrid Cloud

When I joined Awake in July 2018, the company had already accomplished a lot in terms of pulling together a team with strong chops across security, data science, network processing and user experience. Awake had a platform that could ingest network data at scale, uncover threats that were lurking and enable rapid response. In a sense, I was signing up for the job of scaling the company’s GTM engine, broadening R&D and driving customer success.

Almost 18 months later we have the privilege of serving customers across a broad spectrum of industries — from a materials research company with a couple of hundred people to a large, global retailer with thousands of locations and hundreds of thousands of users. These organizations are turning to Awake to help fulfill their own missions. These strong customer relationships are in turn enabling us to build the foundations of a company setup for long term success.

At Awake we see organizations grappling to secure the “new network”—one with infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise, one that has an increase of unmanaged devices and digital assets (IoT, OT, shadow IT, third party partners, etc.), and perhaps most importantly, one that is critical to the success of these organizations in today’s world. The security industry has unfortunately not kept up with the digital revolution, providing either an alphabet soup of “traditional network security” (NGFW, IDS/IPS, SWG, SEG etc. etc.) or “next-gen cloud security” that seems to assume the rest of the “legacy” infrastructure does not exist.

We have a different approach. We deliver the only platform to provide detection and response, threat hunting and digital forensics across the traditional and cloud network.

The Awake Security Platform monitors the hybrid cloud to uncover complex adversarial behaviors. Ava, our AI-based virtual security analyst, precomputes the answers security teams need by connecting the dots across users, devices, applications, time and attack stage to present the entire scope of an attack rather than atomic alerts. By providing autonomous detection, investigation and response through a single, streamlined user experience, we eliminate the need for human analysts to painstakingly pull this information together. Importantly, we also recognize customers have different consumption models for technology. So last year we launched the industry’s first Managed Network Detection and Response (MNDR) service that brings decades of collective incident response and threat hunting expertise to bear on behalf of our customers.

Today, we are privileged to announce that Evolution Equity Partners, Energize Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures share our vision of security for the hybrid cloud and are participating in our Series C financing round of $36.6M. Each partner brings unique expertise that will enable us to deliver the Awake platform to customers in new geographies and deeper into verticals, like energy, utilities, telecom, and media and entertainment. This investment will also help us continue to invest in R&D, threat research and security analysis necessary to keep finding malicious intent.

We have been fortunate to work with top security luminaries, including Asheem Chandna (founding investor and board member at Palo Alto Networks), Enrique Salem (former CEO of Symantec) and Kevin Mandia (founder of Mandiant and CEO of FireEye), to help shape this company and are excited for the new partners coming on board for the next part of our journey.

As I said above, we are unstoppable in helping our customers achieve their mission. We are not the company manufacturing life-saving drugs or bringing clean energy solutions to market, but our customers are. Securing their data, infrastructure and people is how we contribute. It’s why we come to work every day and it’s why I am honored to lead the team in this endeavor.


Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap

President & CEO