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ETR Research: IT Decision Makers Are Looking At Awake More Than Any Other Security Company

The Awake Security team has been absolutely buzzing over these last few months with a steady ramp of activity that seems to continue in one direction – up. Now we have some great data from the folks at Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) to tell us why.

According to ETR’s Summer 2019 Emerging Technology Study, there is a higher rate of IT decision makers at Global 1000 companies who are “currently evaluating” Awake’s technology than any other vendor included in their survey on privately-held cybersecurity vendors.

You can see for yourself in this snapshot from ETR’s platform – check out the green highlights and Awake’s position on the left-hand side of the bar chart.

ETR’s Emerging Technology Study is very comprehensive and provides a solid snapshot of the market. Respondents to this study included 889 CIOs who represent about $373 billion in annual IT spend. Among this group, there were 306 Global 2000 IT Decision Makers and 88 of them represented Fortune 500 companies.

The study covered 375 private enterprise technology vendors, so we’re extremely proud of being at the top of the list among our peers being evaluated in the security space. And because of Awake’s recent emergence in ETR’s recurring surveys, Awake’s CEO, Rahul Kashyap, was happy to sit down with Erik Bradley and Peter Steube from ETR to discuss the factors influencing Awake’s direction and provide his take on what’s happening in the broader security market in general.

Access to ETR’s platform is free for IT Decision Makers, so if you qualify and want to listen to the webcast with Rahul, read the transcript, or spend some time digging through the data on your own, here’s where you can start: (click “request free access”).

For more than 10 years, ETR has been surveying CIOs and executive-level end users in the enterprise technology space, so there’s a lot of data to look through. Surveys are focused on measuring forward looking spending intentions and also awareness / sentiment of different vendors prior to adoption. And as ETR is quick to point out – this isn’t based on their opinions of what will be hot in the months or years ahead, it’s based on data from its community of 4,500+ active users.

In addition to topping the chart among technology that IT decision makers are “currently evaluating,” another area where Awake Security performed well was in “near-term growth opportunity”. ETR measures this by combining a number of their survey’s response-types including respondents who say they “plan to evaluate”, are “currently evaluating”, have “evaluated, plan to utilize” or “plan to allocate further” spend towards a specific vendor.

As you can see below, Awake ranked #2 for “near-term growth opportunity” in the security space among Global 1000 respondents.

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This rocket ship has been taking off fast, and now we have some data to tell us what we really already knew – there are clear blue skies and a long rewarding ride ahead.


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Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Security Strategy, Business Development and Marketing