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Industry’s First Managed Network Detection and Response Solution

It’s easy to spout statistics about the skills gap in cybersecurity, but it’s another thing to live it. The lack of skilled colleagues is a daily reality for the people trying to secure everything from our personal information to the most valuable corporate and government secrets. But it’s more than just a shortage of skills, it’s a shortage of the right skills – the experienced and qualified analyst who can see and stop the sophisticated and evolving threats because they understand their adversaries from years of hunting them.

This reality is a main reason we built Awake’s Advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) platform. Our NTA platform puts the information analysts need at their fingertips so they can do their job more quickly and easily. We built a platform that captures every communication that crosses the network and doesn’t just stop at providing access to that information, but uncovers hidden threats and gives analyst important context around those threats. This lifts up and empowers every security analyst, no matter their skillset or experience, to find increasingly sophisticated attackers.

By combining artificial intelligence with the expertise of the world’s most experienced analysts, the Awake platform models and hunts for both insider and external attacker behaviors, while providing full network forensics across traditional, IoT and cloud environments for autonomous triage and response. Through this approach, our customers have reported amazing results – from the oil and gas company that found two “connected” exercise bikes leaking unencrypted information, to a large consumer credit company that found an insider tapping four IP speakerphones in its executive conference rooms.

Now, we’re taking another giant step to help organizations improve their security in spite of the challenges they might have building and maintaining the right team. We’re launching the world’s first Managed Network Detection and Response (MNDR) solution. Through Awake’s MNDR, organizations will get the technology and talent they need to ensure they’re secure.

This industry-first managed network detection and response solution enables organizations to instantly improve the maturity and effectiveness of their security programs through the unmatched visibility that Awake’s platform provides, and the additional confidence that the platform is being monitored by Awake Labs’ threat hunting and incident response analysts. In addition, the solution seamlessly integrates into Awake’s service provider and channel partner offerings, giving customers even more options for comprehensive security protection.

This combination of offerings is validated by the tremendous support we see in the market. At launch, Awake MNDR is already protecting over 1.7 million devices, most of which by the way are unmanaged, across customers in sectors ranging from finance to higher education.

While the pressure organizations face due to the cybersecurity skills gap will persist for the foreseeable future, the industry can do a better job providing the right tools and new ways to tap into the talent that already exists today. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with Awake’s Managed Network Detection and Response solution.

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