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Network Traffic Analysis Gives This Former FBI Agent Visibility Like He’s Never Had Before

Network Traffic Analysis can provide unparalleled visibility into the cyber threats facing an organization. But don’t just take our word for it. Spend a couple of minutes listening to former FBI agent, John Chesson, in the video below where he talks about the value the Awake Security platform brings to his company.

As part of his 25-year career at the FBI – where he led multiple programs, projects, and personnel in the FBI Cyber Program – one of John’s responsibilities was to notify companies of an intrusion into their network. He recounts how frequently unaware companies were (and still are) when it comes to understanding the true size and scope of cyber threats.

While companies might have seen indications of an attack on routers at the border of their networks, they had no way of seeing much further beyond that. Most importantly, they were unable to see the lateral movement of attackers silently working on expanding their access to critical systems and information.

Through these experiences, John understands just how important it is for an organization to see everything that’s happening on their network. He also understands how difficult that task is, but after moving into the private sector, he made finding these capabilities a priority to ensure that the organizations he’s working to protect are secure.

In his current role as CSO at a Materials Research Company, he gets that visibility through Awake’s advanced network traffic analysis platform. In the video below, he talks about Awake’s ability to quickly provide the context and information required for a security team to see and fully understand threats to their organization. Tasks that would traditionally take hours to accomplish can be done in mere minutes with Awake.

The intuitiveness of Awake’s network traffic analysis platform empowers a Tier 1 analyst on John’s team to see threat activity, track it moving across the network, and take the steps needed to mitigate it. Awake’s use of artificial intelligence helps flag and prioritize the most concerning threats, giving an organization and its analysts the knowledge they need to focus on what’s most important at any given time.

Awake also provides John access to a Tier 3 analyst who is providing another experienced and watchful eye to ensure the organization is secure. On a weekly basis, John and Awake’s analyst connect to discuss and review alerts from their system, especially the ones with the highest priority.

Overall, John credits Awake with giving him the confidence he needs to assure his CEO that their organization is secure. These reasons, and many others, are why John says he made it a point to introduce colleagues to the Awake team at RSA Conference last year. If you want to learn more, John can tell you in his own words in the video below. Or, with RSA right around the corner, set aside some time to visit our booth and see for yourself.

Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Marketing