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Ooma powers it security posture with NTA and Autonomous Threat Hunting using Awake

Many organizations adopt automated security tools in hopes of achieving a common goal: find every malicious threat as soon as it manifests itself. While admirable, research shows that 44 percent of all threats go undetected by automated security tools.

Part of the reason why automated tools miss so many of today’s threats is that the nature of both the network and threat are changing. As attackers grow smarter and blend in with typical network behavior, traditional network security approaches no longer work.

That was the case for Ooma, a communications vendor that boasts an extremely busy network that is foundational to delivering high-quality service to its customers. Ooma recently selected the Awake Security Platform to autonomously hunt for and respond to threats missed by traditional security solutions. Awake’s network-based approach will ensure Ooma’s security team has a complete view of their potential attack surface and the business assets that could be targeted so they can respond effectively.

The Awake Security Platform, which is ranked as the #1 security solution being evaluated by Global 1000 Companies, automatically detects malicious intent with its Adversarial Modeling™ capabilities. The platform also works as a low friction backstop that ensures existing controls and policies are working as expected. These combined capabilities empower Ooma to stay ahead of changing attacker techniques and allows them to continue delivering great value to their customers.

As touted by Toby Farrand, vice president of engineering and operations at Ooma:

“With Awake, we not only adopt great technology, but also their decades of security expertise. This empowers our team to prioritize the devices, users, and applications at risk, understand the threats targeting those, and sets us up for quick, effective response.”

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Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Marketing