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Reimagining the Power of a Secure Network

The magic of today’s innovations is enabled by the network, creating the possibility for new technologies to power the digital transformation across every industry. The Internet of Things or the cloud or operational technology, all of these, connect to the network and provide organizations around the world with improved innovation, efficiency and productivity.

Yet for so much transformation happening in the ‘new network’, the industry has not experienced the same level of innovation in network security, resulting in lost visibility to over 50% of assets security teams are expected to protect. That gap between what needs to be secured and the reality of how to secure it presents an enormous amount of risk for the enterprise.

Awake is on a mission to change that by reimagining the power of a secure network. And today, we are proud to announce that we are joining Arista Networks to continue this meaningful work.

From the very beginning of our discussions, we knew it was an instant fit and that we would bring together two remarkable teams to deliver world class security to the network fabric. We can honestly say the best minds in security and networking are now joining hands.

Arista customers benefit from a streamlined experience managing their combination of campus, data center and cloud networks. The company has reduced the cost of network management, future proofed the journey to the cloud, and improved network analysis through a cognitive management plane that automates, integrates and orchestrates tasks. This parallels Awake’s vision for the future of security operations.

When I first joined Awake two years ago, I was blown away by the team’s collective experience in security, AI, machine learning, data science and network data analysis that has manifested into a cognitive platform grounded in the truth of network data. We built the expertise of a sophisticated threat hunter into an autonomous security platform to transform day-to-day security operations by providing answers to important, yet potentially unsolicited questions. It allows security teams to quickly distinguish between good and malicious intent amongst seemingly normal activity.

By combining these two leading technology companies, we can provide organizations with complete and unparalleled situational awareness of its digital assets, as well as the ability to fully assess security risks and respond to threats in real time.

While this acquisition marks distinct synergies in technology and market opportunity, it is also based on commonalities in values, culture and philosophies. It is rare to find such a genuine connection between two great companies today that will deliver immense value to our joint customers.

As leaders and operators, Jayshree and I see eye to eye on so many aspects of the business. It is inspiring to share a similar belief that doing the right thing will result in the best outcome for our teams. Fundamentally, we are a group of technologists solving big problems and are committed to building solutions that give our customers confidence and trust back in the network.

We are excited for our customers to come on this journey with us as we go from a start-up to a large, global company overnight. This acquisition enhances the resources, support, services and scale at our disposal to continue making a difference. And it is a tremendous opportunity for Arista’s customer base, as we will provide them with value added security capabilities tightly integrated into their existing network fabric.

The promise of this acquisition is a stronger and more secure network and we will continue to grow the team and invest in future innovation. Organizations need to implicitly trust that the underlying network is secure. Integrating Awake Security into the Arista cognitive network fabric allows us to do just that and deliver technology that works for you.

I want to acknowledge our founders Keith Amidon, Gary Golomb, Debabrata Dash, Michael Callahan and our esteemed Board Asheem Chandna, Enrique Salem, Kevin Mandia and Karthik Subramanian who paved the path for us. And I want to thank the entire team who helped us get to where we are today.

power of a secure network


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Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap

President & CEO