Case Study

Insider Threat: Contractor Spying with Security Cameras

  • Attacker Objective: Corporate Espionage
  • Threat Type: Insider Threat

Surveillance cameras are common devices in any large enterprise, especially those in critical infrastructure industries. One Awake customer in the energy industry had thousands of these cameras on its network and learned that a contractor was using them to spy on employees in sensitive locations.

Identifying what is on the network is a critical first step to securing it, especially as people bring their own devices to work and the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices steadily increases. The Awake Security Platform automatically identifies and creates profiles of all devices on a network – which in this case, included thousands of IP cameras.

Awake detected this threat by:

  • Automatically profiling all devices on the network including the thousands of IP cameras.
  • Detecting a single camera that was communicating with a destination network that none of the other cameras were interacting with.
  • Identifying one other device that had accessed the same destination in question—a device in use by an IT contractor.


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