Case Study

Real World Incidents Detected and Stopped by Awake

Awake in Action

Now that security tools that have become proficient at identifying noisy, malware-based attacks, cyber criminals have adapted to using non-malware techniques in a majority of breaches. They rely on tools that already exist within the environment, abusing insider credentials or using SSL tunnels to legitimate sites for command and control. Attackers are also targeting the ever-growing population of non-traditional devices on the network, devices that often lack the same level of security controls. This means that security teams must now detect malicious intent that blends with business-justified activity, a task that is both tedious and challenging for most analysts.

The Awake Security Platform is powered by the real-world expertise of the world’s foremost investigators. It applies artificial intelligence to bring these human skills to all customers, instantly analyzing billions of communications to discover every device, user and application on the network. Through autonomous hunting and investigation, Awake then detects malicious intent from insiders and external attackers alike. With exhaustive intelligence from the network, Awake uniquely identifies mal-intent to stop credential abuse, data exfiltration, and much more.

Organizations across industries use Awake every day to identify and stop modern threats from both internal and external actors with various malicious objectives. The following pages outline real-world examples where Awake was used to detect and stop interesting and sophisticated threats.

These examples include:

  • Employee Selling Corporate Secrets
  • Following the Trail of a Spear Phishing Campaign
  • Contractor Spying with Security Cameras
  • Spear Phishing Detection and Intelligent Response
  • Tapping IP Phones in Sensitive Locations
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