Who We Are

The Awake Network Detection and Response Platform accelerates security teams’ ability to detect threats, including file-less malware, malicious insiders, credential abuse and lateral movement. By applying machine learning to network full-packet capture data, the platform creates the a context data model that correlates, profiles and tracks entities encompassing devices, users and domains. Awake then codifies into this model institutional knowledge that today sits just in the brains of individual analysts. This combination of autonomously derived entity information and human know-how places the context that security teams need at their fingertips and enables them to respond to existing alerts and hunt for malicious behavior in a rapid, iterative and conclusive manner. Importantly, Awake delivers value within hours and without the need for agents, integrations or lengthy training periods.

Awake is built on a foundation of more than two years of collaborative research with over 200 security teams. We are backed by Greylock Partners and Bain Capital Ventures and are based in Sunnyvale, California.