Awake Security Support

We are honored that you have partnered with Awake Security to achieve your security objectives and we are committed to doing what is necessary to make you successful with the Awake Security Platform. That responsibility entails:


Deploy and adapt the Awake Security Platform including developing custom detection for business-specific threats, configuring integrations and setting up threat intelligence feeds.

Hardware & Software Support

Ensure the Awake Security Platform is operating effectively and keep the platform updated with new capabilities that help you detect and respond to changing attacker tactics, techniques and procedures.

AI-powered Threat Triage

All customers receive up to 2 hours a week of remote threat monitoring and hunting along with immediate notification of any critical threats. A report that details your attack surface, sources of risk and recommendations / root cause analysis will be delivered every month.

Threat Briefings & Expertise On-Demand

With the Enterprise support level, you will also receive quarterly briefings focused on your Executives. These provide insight into the threat landscape for your organization and industry and the likely business impact. In addition, you will also have remote access to an Awake Senior Threat Researcher for up to 40 hours a year. This may be used for custom threat research, investigative help or getting a second opinion on your security posture.

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