Incident Response Retainer

Engage a trusted partner with industry-proven expertise ready to act in the event of an emergency.

Given today’s threat landscape, how organizations respond to a breach is often more relevant than trying to prevent every breach. The difficulties of maintaining skilled resources, having robust investigation and response processes and dealing with technical challenges such as unmanaged devices hinder proactive preparedness for an incident. Without a negotiated set of legal terms and rates, the right processes, both endpoint and network response technology and the expertise on demand, organizations are vulnerable to significant impact in the event of an attack, including financial costs and reputational damage.

Many organizations struggle with incident response (IR) in the era of the broad attack surface that now spans cloud and on-premise, information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, as attacks now often target organizations through contractors, partners and the supply chain, it is vital for IR processes and personnel to be equipped with situational awareness beyond just the managed infrastructure.

Awake’s incident response retainer solutions help provide organizations with resilient and proactive solutions that align our incident responders as if they are a simple extension to your security team. This enables our team to respond quickly with award-winning technology and processes across network and endpoint.

As organizations consider their incident response needs, key questions include:

  • Does the retainer response team have both network and endpoint capabilities?
  • Is the retainer vendor capable of investigating unmanaged devices in case they are used as a persistent foothold?
  • Can the solution support non-traditional networks such as cloud and IoT?
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