AI skills: 5 ways to build talent internally

Rahul Kashyap, CEO at Awake Security, notes that this approach also helps organizations implement AI in meaningful, thoughtful ways while avoiding misguided stereotypes that assume AI will replace human talent rather than augment it.

“IT execs and managers should encourage critical thinking and problem solving whenever possible,” Kashyap says. “IT managers should encourage teams to explore what interests them most about AI.”

Anyone who works with a lot of data: “We generally find that team members that operate with a lot of data tend to be the first choice,” says Kashyap from Awake Security.

Strong collaborators and problem-solvers: Kashyap agrees: “We find that problem solvers and critical thinkers in general seem to adapt best to any technology trend including AI. These people always have a desire to take on complex challenges and master them. Having the ability to look beyond an obvious answer and drill down to the core of a problem will behoove workers reskilling for AI,” he says.

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