Awake Security Debuts Network Traffic Analysis Platform to Detect Risks

Awake Security enters the cyber-security market with network traffic analysis technology that can help enterprises identify potential risks and cyber-threats.

Cyber-security startup Awake Security announced its flagship technology platform on Nov. 19, providing organizations with a network-based approach for discovering potential cyber-risks.

The Awake Security Platform is network traffic analysis (NTA) technology that analyzes data packets to identify malicious and unauthorized activities. The platform’s automated triage capabilities provide risk ratings for security operations center analysis; it can be integrated with third-party endpoint security and IT orchestration tools.

“What we’re trying to do at Awake Security is build what I like to call the Alexa for network security,” Rahul Kashyap, CEO at Awake Security, told eWEEK. “We have built a device which passively listens to everything that’s going on in the network, and then we ingest that and convert data into advanced skills for the security operators to look at how devices are behaving.”

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