Awake Security Researcher Says Repurposed Crypto Mining Software Can Siphon Corporate Intel

During the last 6 months, cryptocurrency mining activities have experienced a strong decline after the hash rate of the Bitcoin network got reduced by 44% since its all-time high in August. Since the beginning of the year, virtual currencies lost more than 50% of their value and in some cases, the drop surpasses 95%.

Several mining rigs have been disconnected from the network as well. Bitcoin’s price falling as it happened harmed the industry and cleaned the market from inefficient miners.

However, cybercriminals could take advantage of the mining software that is available in the market. The crypto mining software could be used to attack a company and steal corporate secrets. This is what Troy Kent, a threat researcher at Awake Security, mentioned a the InfoSecurity North America Conference in New York this month.

As reported by CNBC, he mentioned that miners can steal files and intellectual property. About it, Troy Kent said:

“With this attack, people are using a tool, a crypto miner that they’re used to seeing on their network. But they’re not used to responding to it as a thought it is a legitimate threat, like a botnet or a Trojan. They can come in and they can steal files, they can steal intellectual property, they can steal credentials and then log in as maybe the CEO. Or they can download more software. They can bring down services.”

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