Best Leadership Teams 2020

Workplace culture is bred from the top down, from the CEO to the executive team to the managers. As the culture influencers of companies, they have the ability to lead by example and through influence rather than authority. True leadership is about inspiring people to do what they never thought they could. Our data indicates that supportive leaders make a big difference in the overall experience people have with their organizations. The companies that ranked best on Comparably tend to have significantly better leadership scores than those that performed worse – in essence, companies that fared well had much better leaders. Five qualities we consistently see as a thread among reviews analyzed about the top-rated leadership teams: Visionary, Transparent, Empathetic, Open-Minded, and Mission-Driven. If people feel appreciated by their employers, they’re willing to work hard and give of themselves to the job. Now more than ever workers need strong managers and executive teams to lead them through this economic downturn and uncertainty surrounding the future of work.

To determine the list, Comparably analyzed anonymous survey feedback from employees working across 60,000 U.S. companies large and small. The ranking is based solely on the sentiment ratings of their top leaders. The list is segmented by Top 50 large companies (more than 500 employees) and Top 50 small/mid-size businesses (less than 500 employees).

Awake Security named as a winner of the best leadership team by

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