Network Security Innovators

Securing the network was a major focus at the recent Black Hat 2018 conference. For vendors like ProtectWise, Awake, Webroot and Gigamon, network security is one of their main value propositions. I spoke with each company at the event. They offer distinct points of view on the state of network security and what can be done to improve it.

Rahul Kashyap, CEO of Awake Security, was also focused on the security personnel shortage. “You are never going to have enough people for the threat activity you see on the average network,” Kashyap said. “We need to augment to abilities of each network security analyst.” -Rahul Kashyap, CEO of Awake Security

Awake uses AI and machine learning (ML) to identify the most serious threats affecting the network. Many vendors at Black Hat are leveraging AI and ML, but each has it own, differentiated approach. Awake focuses on correlating device-to-device communication. “Our solution wants to understand what is normal versus what stands out that should not be happening given the nature of the devices,” Kashyap added. Awake is designed to make itself smarter over time. By compiling and continuously analyzing current and historical network data, Awake can identify and “fingerprint” attackers, learning to spot lateral movement in the network. For example, if an IoT device is leaking data to a foreign country, Awake will spot the problem.

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