The Platform That Thinks Before It Acts

It Works Like the Human Brain

Explore the three components that make it work.

Awake Sensors

Visibility from the core and perimeter to IoT and cloud

  • Continuously monitor your devices, users, and applications wherever they are.
  • “Remember” and learn from activities monitored in the past.
  • Keep data at the point of collection to ensure privacy and compliance.

Awake Hub

Information turned into action

  • Autonomously understand the behaviors and attributes of entities and monitor changes to those.
  • Detect malicious intent by correlating incidents across entities, protocols, time, and attack stage.
  • Use deep forensics and investigation automation for quick, effective response.


The world’s first privacy-aware security expert system

  • Benefit from federated machine learning that ensures your data stays firmly on your infrastructure.
  • Access our threat research, hunting, and investigative expertise on demand.
  • Stay ahead of changing attacker techniques with industry-specific security playbooks.

The Secret to Our Platform’s IQ is IP

Entity Tracking

A security knowledge graph to sense, identify and track hostile entities.

  • Discover, characterize, track relationships, and cluster similar entities over time via behavioral fingerprints.
  • Awake combines several different AI techniques for behavioral profiling of entities on the network.

Data Infrastructure

Capture, process, and store 100x more real-time data than other modern security systems.

  • Massive-scale data infrastructure optimized for specialized security detection and response workflows in near real time.
  • Unlike other vendors, Awake doesn’t simply wrap around the shortcomings of existing solutions but instead delivers a ground-up solution with autonomous security in mind.

Expressive Language

A comprehensive language to express even the most complex attacker behaviors, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

  • Unparalleled interactive language and query capability that can look at abstract, inferred information about the user environment, event-oriented activity records, low-level raw bits and bytes of packets, and more.
  • Query across long durations of time, protocols, and entity behaviors to enable the stitching together of detection techniques that could never be automated before.

The Awake Difference