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Have your security tools been increasing your stress and overtime?

The unfortunate reality is security tools are noisy and slow. At Awake we are committed to changing that.

Let our security experts show you how we solve that challenge and answer any questions you might have. In the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee, we will take you through our product and demonstrate how Awake discovers overlooked threats, addresses business and technical needs while streamlining your entire process.

Talk to us and see how Awake has been able to deliver:

  • 143% greater visibility to what’s actually in your environment–IT / OT, IoT & cloud
  • 88% reduction of dwell time—kick the attackers out and keep them out
  • < 2 hours to see ROI

100% of our engagements reveal previously unknown evil in the network. See the power of Awake in action with a short to-the-point demo, give it a try.