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Free Compromise Assessment for Security Weekly Viewers

Awake’s Compromise Assessment is the best way to uncover evil on your network with little upfront effort from your team. The assessment can be up and running quickly without any data leaving your organization. These assessments reveal suspicious network activity that was previously undiscovered by other security tools.

This free four-week compromise assessment combines the capabilities of the award-winning AI-based Awake Security Platform with our security expertise.

During the four-week period you will receive:

  • Unprecedented analysis of network traffic
  • Three comprehensive Awake Threat Reports
  • An overall risk assessment report
  • A team of Awake experts to walk-through the threats and make recommendations

Setting up an Awake compromise assessment is extremely simple requiring nothing more than a network connection. From there, the platform is up and running in a couple of hours.

Start here to get your free assessment:

This free assessment will help address challenges with

Visibility beyond IT

Would you know if your IP phones or cameras are used to steal data?

Changing Attacker Techniques

Can you find malicious intent in legitimate business-justified activity?

Advanced Security Skills

Do you have the time and skills necessary to uncover today’s threats?

Awake's Advanced Network Traffic Analysis Delivers

Attack Surface Intelligence

Discover & profile every device, user & application in the environment whether managed or unmanaged​

Answers not Alerts

Detect behavioral threats and mal-intent with the context needed to rapidly & effectively respond

Frictionless Security​

Add advanced security skills to your existing team with an easy to deploy platform that delivers value instantly