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Best Practices and Visionary Innovation in Network Traffic Analysis

Awake Security wins Frost and Sullivan’s prestigious Visionary Innovation Leadership Award. Read on for why this industry-leading analyst firm believes Awake is at the cutting edge of advanced network traffic analysis.

Enterprises continuously focus on cybersecurity as breaches and hacks regularly adapt to defensive maneuvers. As cyber criminals grow more sophisticated, they create and deploy more complex attacks through evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that are difficult for conventional cybersecurity solutions to detect. Such TTPs simulate and abuse insider privileges; thus, they do not exhibit any abnormal activities, enabling them to go unnoticed by traditional network traffic analysis (NTA) solutions. In response to this threat, organizations are adopting more advanced solutions to protect their critical assets against such cyberattacks.

While data security and device usage policies are a major concern for security teams, they are also a management concern as the Internet of Things (IoT) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices increase. Cybersecurity budgets are growing globally among every industry vertical. With increased cybersecurity funding, more startups have emerged in the space and leveraged advanced technologies to develop solutions that help enterprises improve their security resiliency.

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With the ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations must protect their changing ecosystems across on-premise and cloud with superior cybersecurity solutions. Awake Security performs network traffic analysis to secure a client’s ecosystem through artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities while mimicking how the human brain learns. The company’s solution monitors and detects abnormal behaviors across the entire infrastructure and provides actionable intelligence, enabling security operators to remediate threats rapidly. Awake Security receives high praise from clients for its revolutionary time and cost-saving technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are adopted widely across industries due to the multifaceted benefits that the technologies deliver. Such sectors include healthcare, education, information and communication technologies, logistics, maritime, aviation, aerospace and defense, entertainment, and gaming. The cybersecurity industry widely uses AI and ML, by both hacking and security companies, making the security landscape more complex. Many organizations, regardless of size, face significant challenges in their daily security operations, and they report the threat management costs—threat detection and response—are too high. AI-driven cyberattacks continue to increase in number and frequency, requiring security professionals to use more advanced technologies to combat such malicious attacks.

Currently, the complex challenges in security operation suggest the need for a more intelligent, adaptable, scalable, automated, and predictive security strategy to address continuously evolving threats more effectively. Security companies increasingly develop AI and ML-equipped solutions to strengthen their competitiveness. AI and ML enable a smarter, more proactive, and automated approach to cyber defense, from threat prevention, risk detection/hunting, or vulnerability response, to predictive security strategy.

With its innovative technology, high customer satisfaction, and strong overall performance, Awake Security earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 North America Visionary Innovation Leadership Award in the network traffic analysis industry.