Network Detection and Response

Awake combines institutional knowledge with artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat the most evasive threats.

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Evasive threats including file-less malware, insider threats, credential misuse, lateral movement, and data exfiltration with DetectIQ™.
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Network traffic as well as the source devices / users & destination domains to deliver comprehensive EntityIQ™ context.
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With speed and precision to find attacker TTPs and IOCs and customize detection sensitivity with QueryIQ™.
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Triage and campaign analysis with AI-driven risk scoring that enables conclusive response.
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Risk to both managed and unmanaged entities without agents, log integrations or training periods.
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Institutional knowledge with ML & AI to detect and respond to threats that are organization-specific.

Featured Testimonial

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Awake Security opens the eyes of security operations personnel

Eric Ogren

Security threats that are not instantly blocked eventually turn into incidents that first must be detected, and then human security specialists need to intervene. Awake’s platform takes a unique approach by using network traffic analytics to automate hunting down threats as part of incident response activity.

Awake Security: Under the Hood

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  • Awake ingests raw data at 100x the rate of the typical SIEM. It then extracts the full set of signals used by expert investigators to deduce attributes including software versions, user behavior, hardware characteristics, business function, and much more.
  • Awake’s purpose-built multi-model data store supports integrated graph, structured and unstructured data and is optimized for columnar storage and time series. This data structure allows Awake to pre-correlate information with the relevant entities.
  • Awake’s query engine uses custom indexing and work sharing technology to support low-latency, interactive queries. This engine enables continually running analytics to derive views that integrate graph and pre-correlated bulk data.

Devices not IP addresses

People not packets

Data not protocols

Activities not sessions

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Detect and respond to threats such as insider attacks, lateral movement, corporate espionage and data exfiltration, benefiting from Awake's 2+ years of research with hundreds of security professionals.