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Is Your Security Doing Enough?

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Undetected Threats

Many modern threats blend in with business-justified activities. Traditional security tools focus on malware, letting many behavioral threats go undetected.

Threat Investigation

Narrow Insight

Most security solutions lack the insight needed to know exactly what threats are out there and which ones you need to be most concerned with.

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If your security solution can’t see every threat, detect malicious intent, or give you insights to respond effectively, you’re extremely vulnerable to attack.

Stay Safe with Our Advanced Network Detection and Response Solution

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Automatically identify every user, device, and application—whether managed or unmanaged—for a wide-angle view of your environment.

Know More

Assess threats and detect malicious intent. Then, correlate behaviors with entities to detect the incidents that pose the most business risk.

Protect More

Get context to quickly and effectively respond to threats and eject attackers—plus keep them from getting back in.

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Greater Visibility

Awake customers have 143% greater visibility into the devices, users, applications, and behaviors on their networks.


U.S. Patents

The people of Awake own over a hundred U.S. patents for advances in cybersecurity, graph mining, distributed computing, and other areas.


Value Leader

EMA rated Awake as delivering the greatest balance between features and costs.