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"Our partnership with the Awake team has allowed us to provide our feedback while engaging their world-class investigators and security professionals to help design and build their solution – a truly refreshing approach."
Richard Noguera, CISO
"The network doesn’t lie, so tapping into network data, automating the analysis and presenting it in a way that will help connect the dots in an investigation will make a significant impact in empowering analysts to more efficiently clear investigations."
Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst, Security
"By consuming the ground truth found in network traffic and using analytics to handle the most error-prone and grueling investigative tasks, Awake helps newer and seasoned investigators alike, while giving them the power to analyze threats in ways they couldn’t before."
Jon Miller, World-Renowned Incident Responder & Security Expert

The Awake Technology

Awake uses machine learning and data science to automate painstaking analyses expert investigators perform, so anyone can get the same results in seconds. This approach is based on 2+ years of research with hundreds of security professionals and more than a dozen SOCs.

Our patent-pending Security Knowledge Graph™ data model identifies and tracks real-world entities like devices, users and domains. EntityIQ™ machine learning algorithms then surface notable entities and behaviors within the model and cluster similar entities for attack campaign analysis. ActivityIQ™ analytics correlate network traffic to entities and summarize them on a timeline to speed up investigations.

With tenfold better productivity, security teams can uncover threats like insider attacks, corporate espionage, lateral movement and data exfiltration that otherwise go unnoticed.
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The Value of Awake

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For the Analyst

Awake empowers the analyst to perform network traffic analysis, alert investigations and proactive threat hunting. With Awake, tasks that were previously impossible for a Tier 1 analyst, error prone for a Tier 2 and cumbersome for a Tier 3 become easy, accurate and fast.

Our Intelligent Workbench is a rich, workflow-driven user interface that surfaces notable entities and supports behavioral searches, intelligent filtering, and collaboration, while eliminating tedious, manual tasks. Analysts can instantly view entities, their notable attributes, and a summarized forensic timeline of their network activity without the need to sift through raw data.

For the Organization

Awake lowers risk by offering deep visibility and enabling organizations to combat threats like corporate espionage, insider attacks, lateral movement, and data exfiltration, that are often missed today. By enhancing analyst productivity and encouraging collaboration-driven skill enhancement, Awake reduces analyst attrition and preserves tribal knowledge.

Awake is easy to deploy, requiring only a simple network connection, and shows value quickly without the need for integrations and tuning. It is delivered as a hybrid-SaaS subscription that keeps sensitive data on-premise while still delivering an as-a-service experience with regular software capability upgrades, hardware monitoring and maintenance.
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