What if your security solution could sense danger, calculate risk, and react quickly based on insight and evidence?

With our AI-driven network detection and response platform, it can.

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Meets Intelligence

Our solution stands out from traditional security because it’s designed to mimic the human brain. It recognizes malicious intent and learns over time, giving you greater visibility and insight—so you always know what threats exist and what you should do about them.

See how our platform works like the human brain.

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Complex Security Made Incredibly Simple

With unmatched technology that brings the experience of the world’s top cybersecurity investigators to bear, we make staying ahead of today’s complex threats easier—and more effective—than ever. Our solution autonomously tracks entities, remembers their behaviors long into the future, and provides accessible insights to elevate your existing team and enable a rapid, effective response to danger.

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Awake Security and their managed services have significantly enhanced our detection capabilities, enabling my team to focus on additional areas of the business that previously could not be attended to.
Suresh Namala
Executive Director of IT Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Seattle Genetics
ARM Energy
Awake significantly decreases the amount of unknowns on our network and helps us detect threats and respond to them rapidly. Their unique combination of technology and human experts have been an asset in our risk management strategy.
Ronnie Reid
Senior Vice President, Information Security, ARM Energy
The Awake Security Platform has exceeded our expectations and empowered us to secure our connected workplace more effectively and autonomously than ever.
Rich Noguera
CISO, Yapstone
With Awake, we not only adopt great technology but also their decades of security expertise. This empowers our team to prioritize the devices, users, and applications at risk, understand the threats targeting those and sets us up for quick, effective response.
Toby Farrand
VP Engineering & Operations, Ooma
Not only has the Awake Security Platform helped my team better identify and stop the real threats on our network, it also has an intuitive interface which makes it much easier to navigate and use more effectively than other solutions we compared it against.
Kristofer Laxdal
Director, Information Security, Prophix
When you compare the cost of hiring and retaining a sophisticated analyst, the Awake Security Platform pays for itself in a matter of months and goes on to save me money, longer-term. In addition, finding an analyst of that caliber in this market can be a challenge in itself.
Oil & Gas Company

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MISA ,Member

Member, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Network Traffic Analysis-SINET 16 Innovator Award

Awake named winner of the SINET 16 Innovator Award

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Network Traffic Analysis-Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution

EMA Picks Awake as “Top 3” Solution for Detecting Lateral Movement, Credential Abuse and Threat Hunting

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