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Our solution stands out from traditional security because it’s designed to mimic the human brain. It recognizes malicious intent and learns over time, giving you greater visibility and insight—so you always know what threats exist and what you should do about them.

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Complex Security Made Incredibly Simple

With unmatched technology that brings the experience of the world’s top cybersecurity investigators to bear, we make staying ahead of today’s complex threats easier—and more effective—than ever. Our solution autonomously tracks entities, remembers their behaviors long into the future, and provides accessible insights to elevate your existing team and enable a rapid, effective response to danger.

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The Awake Security Platform has exceeded our expectations and empowered us to secure our connected workplace more effectively and autonomously than ever.
Rich Noguera
CISO, Yapstone
If we can’t see, and more importantly, understand what’s happening on our network, there’s no chance to secure it. Awake helps us detect and quickly react to modern threats.
Director of IT Security
Leading Oil & Gas Company
The Awake Security platform helps us first with visibility across our complex and large network. They help us detect and respond to threats that target all our devices—whether IT knows about them or not.
Fortune 500 Retailer
The Awake Security platform reveals insecure IoT devices, misconfigurations, and events that are curiously unique and therefore almost certainly actionable. We also use the solution to determine root causes where previously that would simply not have been possible.​
Director of Security Operations
Large Consumer Finance Organization
Network traffic analysis is proving to be a critical tool for organizations grappling with early detection and defense of continuously evolving threats. In our analysis, we found that Awake’s platform is well-suited for detecting and responding to modern threats. It had outstanding ROI and was ranked #1 in cost-efficiency based on price vs. features, thus delivering great value for the cost.
David Monahan
Managing Research Director, EMA

Standing Out

Network Detection and Response Platform

Awake Wins Gold in the 2019 Edison Best New Product Awards™

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Network Detection and Response Platform Wins Gold

Awake’s Network Detection and Response Platform Wins Gold

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Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution

EMA Picks Awake as “Top 3” Solution for Detecting Lateral Movement, Credential Abuse and Threat Hunting

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Awake named winner of the SINET 16 Innovator Award

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