Unbreak Your Network Security

99% of organizations miss today’s threats despite spending millions of dollars on security

Your Security Team Struggles With

Visibility beyond IT

Would you know if your IP phones or cameras are used to steal data?

Changing Attacker Techniques

Can you find malicious intent in legitimate business-justified activity?

Advanced Security Skills

Do you have the time and skills necessary to uncover today’s threats?

Awake's Advanced Network Traffic Analysis Delivers

Attack Surface Intelligence

Discover & profile every device, user & application in the environment whether managed or unmanaged​

Answers not Alerts

Detect behavioral threats and mal-intent with the context needed to rapidly & effectively respond

Frictionless Security​

Add advanced security skills to your existing team with an easy to deploy platform that delivers value instantly

Featured Partners

"Rapidly and comprehensively respond to detections from Awake and other tools with both network and endpoint context."
"Improve network intelligence and accelerate incident response with Awake’s Network Detection and Response and Demisto’s orchestration and automation."
"With Gigamon, Awake offers comprehensive visibility and ongoing situational awareness to help improve threat detection and response."
"Gain visibility into the cloud, physical and virtual networks with Ixia and Awake and detect threats to organizational assets in those environments."
"Speed up incident response by bringing the power of network traffic analysis to Splunk Enterprise Security | Learn More"

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Detect and respond to threats like file-less malware, insider attacks, credential abuse, lateral movement and data exfiltration.