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Awake Delivers Security with Network Traffic Analysis in Google Cloud

Network Traffic Analysis in Google CloudAs cloud deployments have grown and matured, security solutions have struggled to keep pace. The rising popularity of hybrid cloud environments demand a new approach to deliver security for Google Cloud, especially as customers look to capture and analyze high volumes of network traffic, prevent service delays and application unavailability.

At Google Cloud Next ’19 UK, Awake was announced as one of a select set of partners leveraging Google Cloud’s new Packet Mirroring—a service that clones the traffic of specified instances in your VPC network and forwards it for examination. Through this technology partnership, we’re able to seamlessly monitor the high-volume of traffic to, from and within the cloud. The Awake Security Platform then automatically profiles, classifies and assesses the risk to every workload.

Our integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is valuable because it enables security teams to use AI to detect malicious intent across hybrid-cloud, IoT and OT networks. This means that we are not only able to identify compromised instances, but also detect and respond to threats to the hybrid cloud such as lateral movement—especially as adversaries now attempt to traverse from on-premise to the cloud and vice versa. This is especially significant as we see more threats that target an organization’s mission critical workloads in the cloud, often while starting from a compromised endpoint on-premise.

With more than 86% of organizations leveraging a multi-cloud strategy today, according to Forrester, Awake delivers these key capabilities to customers not just on GCP but also on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Across all of these, our platform enables rapid response, full packet forensics, supporting audits, investigations and compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS.

We’re excited to bring these AI-based network traffic analysis capabilities and the power of Ava, the world’s first cybersecurity expert system, to Google Cloud Platform customers.

To learn more about the Awake Security Platform and how it is leveraging Google’s Packet Mirroring to enhance hybrid cloud security, please visit



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Rudolph Araujo
Rudolph Araujo

VP, Security Strategy, Business Development and Marketing