Responding to Business Email Compromise

The Business Email Compromise Challenge

Business Email Compromise Incident Response

Reduce the time to contain and remediate the compromise

Quickly identify login history and anomalous access

Identify patient zero and the initial infection vector

Investigate lateral movement and data exfiltration

Assist with any PHI, PII etc. exposure / regulatory issues because of the compromise

Provide recommendations on how to better secure your environment from future attacks

Why Awake Labs


Awake experts have decades of experience responding to BEC incidents, whether the breach involves one or hundreds of mailboxes.

Proven Methods

Focusing on the entire scope of the breach helps rapidly restore business functions, accumulates evidence for insurance or legal claims and provides confidence root causes are remediated.


Combining Awake’s leading network detection and response platform with powerful AI-based backend analytics, reduces impact and delivers forensic evidence for loss recovery.

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