Advanced Security Analytics

Empowering security teams with our Security Knowledge Graph™ data model to answer questions that cannot even be asked in other tools today.

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Awake Advanced Security Analytics

Awake automates painstaking analyses expert investigators perform to empower security teams answer questions that cannot even be asked today. Our Security Knowledge Graph™ data model lets analysts explore devices instead of IP addresses, people instead of packets, data instead of protocols and activities instead of sessions.

With Awake, tasks that were previously impossible for a Tier 1 analyst, error prone for a Tier 2 and cumbersome for a Tier 3 become easy, accurate and fast. This allows security teams to use a single broad-based analytics solution to detect, investigate and hunt for threats like insider attacks, corporate espionage, lateral movement and data exfiltration that are currently missed.


Eric Ogren

Senior Analyst, Security, 451 Group

When it comes time for a security analyst to roll up their sleeves and dive into an incident, the flood of event information from security tools can be more distracting than helpful. The network doesn’t lie, so tapping into network data, automating the analysis and presenting it in a way that will help connect the dots in an investigation will make a significant impact in empowering analysts to more efficiently clear investigations.
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How Awake Works

Using data science, Awake automatically builds a patent-pending Security Knowledge Graph™ data model that identifies and tracks real-world entities like devices, users or domains, from only network traffic. The Security Knowledge Graph also captures the conclusions and discoveries made by team members, improving collaboration and training while preserving otherwise undocumented tribal knowledge.

EntityIQ™ algorithms surface notable entities and behaviors within the data model and cluster similar entities for attack campaign analysis. Through the workflow-driven Intelligent Workbench user interface, EntityIQ can also predict the questions analysts are likely to ask, pointing them to the next investigative path quickly.

Awake is the only solution that allows searches for network entity behaviors rather than just primitive indicators. In addition, with intelligent filtering, security teams can quickly narrow their focus to a particular set of entities or behaviors of interest.

Awake’s ActivityIQ™ analytics correlate network traffic to entities in the data model allowing the Intelligent Workbench to automatically present a summarized timeline view as a victim would experience it and as a skilled investigator would piece it together. Awake thus eliminates the need to manually sift through masses of raw data.
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The Awake Security™ Advantage

Awake improves security team productivity tenfold.
Empowered Analysts
Focus on real work by eliminating the need to operate on IP addresses or network protocols and cutting out cumbersome tasks.
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Better Investigations
Use a simple behavioral query language for real-time answers to powerful questions that cannot even be asked in other tools today.
A More Secure Network
Detect, investigate and hunt for threat activity after the initial compromise and thus lower threat dwell time.
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Lower Costs
Reduce operational costs through consolidation, improved SOC efficiency, higher analyst tenure and lower hiring and training expenses.
Quick Time To Value
Monitor the network quickly without the need for any integrations or tuning other than a simple TAP/SPAN.
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Low Maintenance
Keep sensitive data on-premise but get SaaS benefits of hardware monitoring, maintenance, and regular software and intelligence upgrades.

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