77% of breaches in 2017 utilized file-less techniques.

The 2017 State of Endpoint Security Risk, Ponemon Institute

The Evolving Attack Lifecycle

traditional attack lifecycle
Malware-based attacks are noisy and therefore easier to detect and respond to.
Attackers have evolved to techniques that rely on tools that already exist within your environment, abusing insider credentials or using SSL to legitimate sites for command and control.
modern attack lifecycle
awake security dashboard

Security Investigation Platform

Awake detects attacks that blend in with business-justified activity and enables conclusive and rapid response. With exhaustive intelligence from the network, Awake uniquely identifies mal-intent to stop insider attacks, file-less malware, and much more. Without Awake, only the world’s most sophisticated security experts are capable of performing such detailed forensic analysis, utilizing a manual, time-consuming process that typically occurs well after an attack. Awake has democratized this ability, making it accessible to any organization, regardless of size, budget or sophistication. Importantly, Awake delivers this proactive security control at scale and at the speed of the network.

How Awake Works

network signal extraction
  • Uses ground truth wire data that minimizes blind spots in identifying entities
  • Parses, extracts & correlates hundreds of signals like a team of human experts
  • Analyzes external entities & destinations to isolate those that match attacker TTPs
  • Tracks entities such as devices, users & domains as they move around
  • Characterizes behaviors & relationships over time into detailed entity profiles
  • Captures institutional knowledge from the team including business context & criticality
network traffic analysis automation icon
network traffic analysis detect and response icon
  • Detects threats by uniquely combining source, destination & traffic analytics
  • Enables campaign analysis by automatically identifying other potential victims
  • Integrates with SIEM, threat intelligence and existing alert response workflows

The Awake Advantage

Awake dramatically improves the time to detect, contain and respond to modern threats.
Modern Threat Detection
Identify mal-intent threats such as file-less malware, insider threats, credential abuse and data exfiltration that evade existing defenses.
speed of response
Rapid Response
Resolve alerts or hunt to uncover real issues in minutes rather than hours, by ending the “coffee break” query experience typical of existing solutions.
campaign analysis
Attack Campaign Analysis
Effectively triage and spot campaigns with similarity analytics and integrations that enrich existing tools such as SIEM or threat intelligence platforms.
entity visibility
Entity Visibility
Track devices, people and other entities without logs or endpoint agents even as they move around and IP addresses change, etc.
entity profiles
Automated Context
Instantly access detailed entity profiles that correlate devices, users, business function, email addresses, domains visited, files accessed, relationships, etc.
awake roi
Quick Time to Value
See value in minutes without agents, complex integrations, learning periods, or tuning, and a SaaS like experience for system upkeep.

Featured Testimonials

"Info Security Products Guide 2018 Global Excellence Awards"

Winner in 4 categories:

Startup of the Year
Cyber Security Vendor Achievement of the Year
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Best Security Software

Winner in 3 categories:

Security Investigation Platforms
Threat Hunting
"The network doesn’t lie, so tapping into network data, automating the analysis and presenting it in a way that will help connect the dots in an investigation will make a significant impact in empowering analysts to more efficiently clear investigations."
Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst, Security

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