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Google Cloud

Protect your Google Cloud with Awake

Awake on Google Cloud

GCP packet mirroring

Monitors traffic within, from and to your cloud seamlessly with Packet Mirroring

classifies workloads without requiring any integrations

Automatically profiles, classifies and assesses the risk to every workload without requiring any integrations

 detect malicious intent

Uses AI to detect malicious intent across your hybrid-cloud as well as IoT / OT networks

Prioritizes & enables rapid response

Prioritizes & enables rapid response to threats in the cloud & on-premise from an integrated console

Enables full packet forensics to support audits and investigations as well as compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS

Let Us Show You How

How It Works


Awake is one of a select set of partners providing security analytics using the Google Cloud Packet Mirroring. The solution is up and running in minutes requiring minimal updates to your VPC configuration. The Awake Sensor(s) connect to a centralized Nucleus in the cloud or on-premise.

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