Evaluating Network Traffic Analysis Systems – Requirements and Challenges

Network Traffic Analysis is emerging as an important new tool in the info security arsenal. While there is much marketing hype in this area, there has been a lack of hard information on evaluation criteria and testing available to the community.

Join Kevin Tolly, Founder of the independent testing organization The Tolly Group, and David Pearson, Principal Threat Researcher at Awake Security as they discuss key evaluation criteria, their impact on security teams and lessons learned from the industry’s first NTA comparative test.


David Pearson

David Pearson has been analyzing network traffic for well over a decade, having used Wireshark ever since it was Ethereal. He has spent the majority of his professional career understanding how networks and applications work, currently as Principal Threat Researcher for Awake Security. The Awake Security Platform accelerates security teams’ ability to detect threats, including fileless malware, malicious insiders, credential abuse, and lateral movement. David holds computer security degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology (BS) and Carnegie Mellon University (MS).

Kevin Tolly

Kevin Tolly is the founder of The Tolly Group, which has been a leading provider of third-party validation services in the IT industry for more than 30 years. In his career, Tolly has designed and run corporate networks, evaluated a wide range of leading-edge information technologies, written extensively about technology and presented to audiences all over the world. He has published and spoken on topics related to security, LAN/WAN infrastructure, application acceleration, virtualization, wireless, data protection and more. The company he founded works with leading-edge vendors to provide them with the crucial third-party validation of their product claims.