White Paper

Building Your Zero Trust Strategy with NIST 800-207 and NDR

Building Your Zero Trust Strategy with NIST 800-207 and NDRMany organizations are building their digital transformation efforts on a zero trust foundation. This effort has accelerated significantly as remote work drives significant changes in technology usage within the organization. Adopting zero trust however, needs planning that focuses on the adoption path that is least disruptive, the ongoing monitoring necessary for successful operations and the evolved threat model that mandates changes to your security program.

In this whitepaper, we distill the guidance from NIST 800-207 and help you understand the journey and ongoing efforts involved in a successful zero trust architecture. We review the detailed guidance from NIST on changes to your security controls and discuss how network detection and response helps ensure the success of your zero trust efforts.

This analysis of NIST 800-207 helps you understand:

  • The practical implications of adopting a zero trust architecture (ZTA)
  • The impact ZTA has on your security operations and team
  • How Awake helps you all through the ZTA journey