The Nation’s Cyber Security Has Americans Very Worried

If there’s little else that now seems abundantly clear, our pandemic response, national security, even our response to climate change, rely on data technology. It is essential for our future.

Protecting these digital resources – in both the public and private sector – should be our top priority. Despite this, the government and corporations put cybersecurity on their list of acceptable risks – balancing the loss against the cost.

In this report, learn more about:

  1. Consumer views and priorities on critical threats facing the nation
  2. How consumers take personal responsibility for cybersecurity and what they are doing about it
  3. Why cybersecurity may be a new service differentiator

Americans are worried about the choices being made by our leaders and they perceive it as both a national emergency and personal threat to their safety. While the media and a lot of the government appear focused on disinformation and the harm it poses to our elections, respondents seem to understand cyber threats can have a much larger impact on our national security.